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Create a Joint Venture in Croatia

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Create-a-Joint-Venture-in-Croatia.jpgForeign companies with establishments in Croatia can consider a joint venture (JV) as the following business direction and an important source of incomes among many others. Also, Croatian companies can decide for a joint venture, in respect with the Company Law and its provisions. Our company formation agents in Croatia are at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs who would like to form a joint venture and need to know the requirements in this sense.

Who can form a joint venture in Croatia?

Two or more partners can decide on a joint venture in Croatia, but mostly, companies can create a JV in this country with the scope of accessing new markets, or for combining the activities and assets for a better business support and profits.

What are the conditions for creating a joint venture in Croatia?

First of all, the business strategy must be outlined by both partners willing to create a joint venture in Croatia. With complete assistance provided by our company incorporation specialists in Croatia, both local and foreign investors can receive assistance for forming a joint venture in this country, or for any company formation in Croatia. Also, you might want to observe the following requirements which stand at the base of creating a joint venture in Croatia:
  • the Croatian Company Registry is in charge of the joint venture registration;
  • the Chamber of Commerce in Croatia grants the approvals for a joint venture in this country;
  • an agreement signed by the stockholders of the JV is necessary;
  • the joint venture turns into a brand-new entity which is subject to varied taxes and business conditions.

Can local and foreign partners create a JV in Croatia?

Yes, foreigners interested in creating a joint venture with a Croatian company may do so, in respect to the Law on Companies in Croatia. Also, an entrepreneur from abroad can decide on a joint venture with a partner from Croatia if they agree in this sense and if they respect the share capital, plus the liabilities of such business entity. The Memorandum of Association is also a necessary document for registering a joint venture in Croatia.
We invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Croatia and find out how you can create a joint venture in Croatia with our complete assistance.

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