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Company Formation Croatia



Types of Croatian Companies

Updated on Monday 14th November 2022

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Company-Formation-Services-in-Rijeka.jpgForeign investors come to set up a company in Croatia due to the friendly business environment and the prosperous economy. First of all, they must make up their mind about which type of company structure in Croatia suits best their objectives based on the characteristics of each business structure. In this direction, our company formation agents in Croatia can help foreign investors set up companies in this country.

Can I open a limited liability company in Croatia?

Yes, you can open an LLC in Croatia, as this is the most frequently established type of company in Croatia due to its simple incorporation procedure. It is mainly destined for small and medium-sized companies since it can be formed by at least one shareholder, be it an individual or a legal entity. At least 20,000 HRK must be provided as an initial capital. The management consists of a managing board and a supervising board.

How can I open a joint stock company in Croatia?

Entrepreneurs who wish to establish large companies choose joint stock corporations in Croatia. The minimum capital required is HRK 200,000, a sum that can be provided by the shareholders in exchange for shares. Each share has a nominal value that is established by the managing board. Members of the joint stock company in Croatia have limited liability for the company’s obligations.

General and limited partnerships in Croatia

At least two persons are necessary to form a partnership and this is the case for a general partnership in Croatia too. No minimum capital is required. All partners have equal liability for the company's obligations, as well as a full management responsibility. All partners must give consent for a member to dispose of his interest in the general partnership in Croatia.
Just like a general partnership, the limited partnership in Croatia can be established by at least two members, individuals or legal entities. The difference is that at least one partner has limited liability up to his own contribution, while at least one member is fully liable for the company’s obligations and management as a general partner. No minimum capital is required.

What is a silent partnership?

The silent partnership in Croatia makes no difference in terms of requirements for establishment. At least two partners are required and no minimum capital is necessary. The main characteristic is that this type of partnership has a silent partner who is excluded from the obligation to cover the losses of the company. It is not necessary for this partnership to register with the Commercial Court in Croatia.

Can I open a subsidiary in Croatia?

Yes, companies from abroad and their legal representatives can establish subsidiaries in Croatia under the rules of limited liability companies or joint stock companies. Due to their simple registration procedures, a subsidiary can rapidly set up the operations on the market. This is also the case of branches in Croatia.
Our accountants in Croatia can offer complete services for the smooth development of activities from a financial point of view. Instead of setting up an entire department, it is recommended to outsource these services for a better approach to the financial situation, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Branches in Croatia

Branches can be established in Croatia with respect to the Company Act and the formalities involving all sorts of documents, among which, a declaration made by the parent company showing the intention of opening such structure. More than that, a guarantee that the branch will respect the activities of the foreign company must be provided to the Croatian authorities. The Trade Register in Croatia is in charge of incorporating foreign branches in this country which can be established under the rules of a limited liability company, the common business structure available.
The appointed representative, the name of the registered office of the branch, the type of business and activities must be comprised of the Articles of association, the main documents of the branch. Also, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will issue the needed approvals and permits for your branch in Croatia. Make sure you address your inquiries to our team of company incorporation representatives in Croatia and get help for establishing a branch in this country.

Joint ventures in Croatia

Joint ventures can be established in Croatia by at least two or more investors interested in joining their operations for extra profits and for accessing new markets. All partners involved in a joint venture must observe the general rules and regulations and need to register the business with the Croatian Trade Register and sign an agreement in this sense. Besides preparing the Articles of Association for a joint venture in Croatia one must obtain the necessary approvals from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and then register for tax purposes. We remind that joint ventures in Croatia can be created with respect to the Company Act that comprises all the information and details about the available types of companies in this country. Even though a joint venture can be easily established and incorporated, it is recommended to have the support of a company formation agent in Croatia who can handle all the formalities for incorporating a joint venture

Shelf companies in Croatia

Shelf companies are read-made or vintage companies that can be purchased by any type of investor in Croatia. Such a company normally addresses to entrepreneurs who want to skip the incorporation process and purchase a ready-made company without any complexities involved. Shelf companies have no financial operations and therefore no liabilities, plus, they present confidence in front of banks and other financial institutions when it comes to loans and credits. Any local or foreign entrepreneur who wants a business in Croatia can decide on purchasing a shelf company.
As for the steps involved in buying a vintage company, we mention that you can talk to one of our consultants, send your personal documents in a notarized form, pay the proforma invoice, and sign the corporate documents sent by our team. The activities can start quite fast, as soon as the ownership transfer is made. It is good to know that vintage companies present no risks because these are registered in agreement with the applicable laws, have no debts and are already verified. Feel free to talk to one of our consultants and ask about how you can purchase a ready-made company in Croatia.

Holding companies in Croatia

Holding companies have control in other enterprises in matters of management, and policies among other aspects. A holding company is established when an international investor buys assets and/or stocks in a company in Croatia. The advantages of holding companies are in the attention of foreign entrepreneurs who know that these entities are not subject to the corporate income tax or withholding tax, the personal assets are protected, they can raise funds and have limited financial and legal liability. Financial holding companies, ultimate holding companies, intermediate holding companies and intellectual property holding companies can be established by foreigners in Croatia, with respect to the Company Act. 
If you need to open a company in other countries, such as Latvia, we can put you in touch with our local partners. If you need accounting in Croatia, our specialists can offer professional services. 

Sole proprietorships in Croatia

Another preferred form of business in Croatia is the sole proprietorship which can be easily registered, with respect to the Companies Act and the Crafts Act in Croatia. There are varied types of activities you can perform as a sole trader in Croatia, and the registration procedure of this business forms starts with the Croatian Trade Register. Also, such business is subject to low taxes compared to those imposed for medium and large companies. Let our company incorporation specialists in Croatia provide you with the necessary assistance and supervise the formation of your business, plus support for tax registration as a sole trader in Croatia.

The characteristics of an LLC in Croatia

A limited liability company in Croatia is often the choice of entrepreneurs, whether local or foreign, who want to start the activities in a fast manner and who want to benefit from a series of advantages mostly related to the costs of the business. Knowing the attributes of a limited liability company in Croatia will help investors decide on their future activities and investments:
  • the name of the company must be unique and reserved by the Croatian Trade Register;
  • an LLC can be formed with at least HRK 20,000 as the minimum share capital;
  • a legal entity or an individual can decide on creating an LLC in Croatia;
  • the owners of the business can appoint a single director who can be Croatian or a foreign citizen;
  • the company needs to submit the annual financial statements which are normally approved by the authorized accountants in Croatia;
  • an LLC can be private and requires the same registration process;
  • each LLC registered in Croatia is subject to taxes and social contributions;
  • a bank account in Croatia is necessary for future financial transactions in the firm.
The support in company formation in Croatia can be obtained at any time from our team of company incorporation agents who can guide local and foreign investors throughout the entire procedures. They can alsohelp you register for VAT.

Economic interest associations in Croatia

Individuals or legal entities in Croatia can decide on creating an economic interest association to promote the future business activities. Freelance employed individuals can decide on such legal entity and can develop specific marketing plans without any other activities meant for profit purposes. There is no need for a minimum share capital to open an economic interest association in Croatia, as the main purpose of such entity is to make and develop marketing and business promotions. Feel free to address to our consultants and find out more details about the main company types in Croatia, including information about the economic interest association.
Below we have gathered some information and facts about the economy and the investments in Croatia:
  1. As provided by the World Bank and  2019 Doing Business Report, Croatia ranks 58th out of 190 economies in the world;
  2. Around 1.15 million represented the total FDI inflow for Croatia in 2018;
  3. Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria are the principal investors in Croatia;
  4. Around 29.9% of the total FDI for 2018 was directed to the financial services sector.
Opening a company in Croatia is not subject to complex formalities or bureaucracies, allowing foreign investors to easily start a business in this country.
For more details about the types of companies that can be set up in this country, you may contact our specialists in company formation in Croatia.

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