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Obtain Golden Visa in Croatia

Updated on Wednesday 17th March 2021

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Obtain golden visa in Croatia.jpgCroatia Residence Investor Program offers permanent residence and many other advantages to foreigners who want to relocate here. Particular foreign incomes registered in Croatia benefit from 100% tax exemption which makes this program quite appealing. Those interested in a Golden Visa in Croatia are invited to talk to our company formation agents in Croatia and find out more about the requirements that must be respected.

What are the requirements for Golden Visa for Croatia in 2021?

Croatia Residence Investor Program requires no minimum investments from EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA nationals. However, one must prove he/she has sufficient or adequate incomes to sustain the living in Croatia without applying and asking for public funds. A health insurance is required to join this program, and the following conditions available in 2021 must be considered at the time of application:
  • First of all, an application for a temporary residence permit is needed.
  • The Certificate of reporting a temporary stay is needed. This has a validity of 5 years.
  • Non-EEA citizens need a temporary work and stay permit that has a validity of one year.
  • This program allows applicants to include family members too.
  • The education background plus qualifications will be verified by the Croatian authorities.
Moreover, in the case of non-EEA citizens who want to join the Croatia Golden Visa, proof of ownership of at least 51% in a business with investment projects in the country is one of the important conditions.

The permanent residence in Croatia comes with benefits

If you would like to apply for a Golden Visa for Croatia, you should know that there are many benefits offered. As mentioned earlier, there are advantageous tax exemptions for varied incomes of foreigners in Croatia. The economic stability, excellent living conditions, and the possibility of traveling without restrictions to the EU, Asia, and USA are quite appreciated by foreigners interested in a Croatia Golden Visa. If you would like to know more about the available investment programs and about how to register a company in Croatia in 2021, you can talk to our specialists.

Is citizenship by investment available in Croatia?

Yes, foreigners who invest at least EUR 100,000 in Croatia have the possibility of accessing the citizenship program. Such an investment can be made in a company formation in Croatia where creating new job opportunities is required. There is an essential condition that must be respected for joining the Croatia citizenship by investment and that is to live at least 8 years in the country without interruptions. Foreigners can also buy properties instead of opening a company in Croatia to join the citizenship program. All the procedures and formalities for joining the citizenship by investment program in Croatia are straightforward and can be discussed with our agents. Plus, there is no obligation for you to come to Croatia for all the bureaucracies, as one of our company formation agents in Croatia can handle them in a fast and reliable manner.
In terms of benefits of the citizenship by investment program in Croatia, applicants can have dual citizenship and can access all the social systems available in the country.

Investing in Croatia in 2021

Croatia is quite representative from an investment point of view and provides not only stability from an economic point of view, but also other significant benefits like accessing a wide range of prolific markets, and a wide range of benefits and encouragements offered by the government. Sectors like tourism, food industry, IT, manufacturing, energy, engineering, textile, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and agriculture are quite prosperous in Croatia and often the choice of international entrepreneurs who want to generate profits in this country. A major role in the business environment is played by the skilled and multilingual workforce that can be considered by foreign investors in Croatia. Here are some interesting facts and figures about the economy and business direction of Croatia, that might help foreign entrepreneurs make investments in 2021 in this country:
  1. Nearly USD 30 billion was the total FDI stock for Croatia in 2019.
  2. World Economic Forum ranked Croatia 63rd on the Global Competitiveness Index for 2019.
  3. The financial and services sector absorbed around 30% of the total FDIs in 2019.
  4. The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and Germany are the key investors in Croatia.
Need more about Croatia Golden Visa? Please feel free to contact our company formation agents in Croatia and discuss further details.

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