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How to Sell Shares in a Croatian Company

Updated on Thursday 04th October 2018

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How-to-Sell-Shares-in-a-Croatian-Company.jpgForeign investors in Croatia have the possibility of selling a part of their shares in the company to third parties, with respect to the Company Act and the EU legislation. There are many reasons why selling stocks is in the attention of entrepreneurs at a certain point, one of them being related to the company debts if there are any. We invite you to talk to our team of company formation representatives in Croatia and find out information about how you can register a company in Croatia with the authorities in this country.

Procedures for selling stocks in Croatia

There are specific legal ways through which an investor can sell shares in a company in Croatia, and below you can find out ample information in this matter:
  • large companies can sell shares publicly for raising significant capital;
  • shares can be sold privately to specific investors or to other companies in Croatia;
  • small investors might be potential clients for private investors interested in selling shares
  • employees in a Croatian company also have the right of buying shares.
There are numerous advantages to selling shares in a company in Croatia. Foreigners looking to expand their activities on the Croatian market should seek assistance and information from our specialists in Croatia who can handle the registration process of a company in Croatia.

What are the reasons for selling shares in a Croatian company?

Most of the entrepreneurs interested in selling stocks in their company are interested in generating more money and pay the debts, make new investments in the firm or direct the capital for charity purposes. On the other hand, the capital raised in the firm with the help of the sold shares can go back in the firm and be reinvested in certain departments or sectors of interest. 
Another reason why selling shares in the firm is a good option is that the business persons might decide to completely transfer the ownership of the company if they no longer want to develop the business or activate in a specific sector. The ownership transition in a firm is not a complicated process, but support is often the key to a successful transfer, in compliance with the applicable laws in Croatia.
We invite you to contact our company incorporation agents in Croatia and ask for assistance in opening a company in Croatia.

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