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Liaison Office in Croatia

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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Liaison Office in CroatiaA liaison office in Croatia can be set up by foreign companies which are not resident in this country in order to promote their commercial interests. The Trade Act in Croatia stipulates that foreign persons carrying out business activities may set up a liaison office in Croatia for the purposes of representation, promotion, market research and dissemination. Our specialists in company formation in Croatia can give you detailed information about the procedure of establishing a liaison office.

Activities performed by a liaison office in Croatia

A liaison office in Croatia is subordinated and dependent upon the foreign company which established it and it cannot develop its own activity. The liaison office is not a legal entity in Croatia and its activities are completed upon the founder's request. 

It acts as an intermediary between the foreign company and its business partners in Croatia, supporting the activities of the parent company. These activities may include the following:

- marketing,

- advertising,

- promotion and providing information for scientific research for the foreign company.

Most businessmen choose to establish a branch instead of a liaison office due to its legal status and the fact that it cannot generate any kind of income.  Our agents in company registration in Croatia can advise you on the types of activities to undertake if you want to set up a liaison office in this country.

How to register a liaison office in Croatia

If you want to promote the business interests of your company in Croatia and establish a liaison office, there are several requirements to consider. A liaison office in Croatia has to be registered with the Ministry of Economy. The documents needed for the registration of a liaison office in Croatia include the following:

•    an application form – it contains the name of the parent company, the address of the liaison office, information about the person in charge of the liaison office (his/her name, passport number or the citizen ID number);
•    the certificate of incorporation of the company issued by the competent authorities in the company's country of origin;
•    the decision of establishing a liaison office in Croatia and the appointment of the person in charge of the liaison office management;
•    a brief description of the activities undertaken by the liaison office;
•    a proof of payment of the administrative fee of registering a liaison office.

If the liaison office in Croatia hires personnel, it acquires the statute of an employer and it has to register with the tax authorities and with health insurance and social insurance. Under certain conditions, the VAT incurred by a liaison office in Croatia can be eligible for a refund on behalf of the foreign company which established it.

Feel free to contact our representatives in company incorporation in Croatia if you need help in registering a liaison office.



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