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Open a Truck Company in Croatia

Updated on Saturday 18th August 2018

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open a truck company in Croatia.jpgDeciding to open a truck company in Croatia can be a good business action and, at the same time, very challenging. That is why it is always important to take note of the factors that come with opening a truck company. In Croatia, corporations are governed by the Companies Act. The law provides for the types of companies that you can use as business structure as well as the procedure on how to incorporate your company. Our company formation agents in Croatia can help you open your truck company.

Types of truck companies in Croatia

Under the Companies Act, investors can choose to open a truck company in Croatia as one of three principal types of business entities. The first type is the sole trader that is an entity owned by one person and no shares are issued or sold to shareholders. There is no separate entity between the owner and the business. The second principal type is the companies of persons that include general partnerships, limited partnerships, and economic interest groups.
The third type of business entity is the companies of capital. This covers public and private limited companies. This type of entity has a separate personality from that of its owners and shares are issued and sold to shareholders. Our specialists in company incorporation in Croatia can guide you on the suitable business structure for your truck company.

What do you need to consider when opening a truck company in Croatia?

There are a lot of things to consider when you open a Croatian truck company. Our associates who are knowledgeable about how to open a company in Croatia have listed down the important ones:
  • obtain the required licenses for your business as well as for the drivers of your truck company. This can be done at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport, and Infrastructures of Croatia.
  • register your business with the Croatian Company Registry, the entity in charge of all companies in Croatia. Registration is important because this grants legal personality to your company.
  • acquire the right equipment for your business. Equally important as how to run a business is using the correct and quality equipment. This will help make sure that the business runs smoothly.
  • get your trucks and equipment insured. Buying insurance will help you ease any liability you might suffer during the operation of your business.


Who can open a truck company in Croatia?

Any foreign investor who wants to enter the transportation sector in Croatia can set up a truck company. A limited liability company is the business entity that suits most the activities of a truck company due to an easy incorporation and structure. The operation costs should be attentively measured, considering the logistics, the employees, the equipment, etc. If you are interested in opening a truck company in Croatia, we suggest you address to our team of advisors in Croatia.

Do I need insurance for my truck company?

Yes, it is recommended to consider the services of an insurance company and bear in mind the physical damages and losses, plus the equipment coverage involved in a truck company, particularly as a small entrepreneur.  You can choose a short-term or a long-term insurance for your truck company and further repairs. The type of cargo will determine the insurance price established by the agency. As soon as you register your truck company in Croatia with the assistance offered by our company incorporation specialists in Croatia, you should ask for information about how you can inssure your business.
If you need more information on how to open a truck company in Croatia, feel free to contact our specialists in company formation


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