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Open a Website in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 28th December 2017

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Open a Website in Croatia.jpgAs a short overview of the e-commerce business and the numbers involved, Croatians are interested in buying goods and services online with the help of varied websites. Such platforms can be easily set up in Croatia and today’s business background is sustained in a huge amount by the fast development of the online structures which address to local and foreign customers. In order to open a website in Croatia, one must register a limited liability company through which you may perform operations in the retail sector. Our Croatian company formation agents can provide support in any aspects related to company incorporation in Croatia, including guidelines for opening a website.

How to reserve a name for your website in Croatia

Entrepreneurs can open websites in Croatia for their already registered companies, as an online extension for their businesses, or can place the company’s activities directly on the internet for selling purposes. In Croatia, one can use the .hr domain name and must register the name of the website with the Department of Telecommunications if the certificate of incorporation is provided, and the additional fee is paid.  With the help of a website in Croatia, businessmen can properly promote their activities and services, and furthermore, these can be sold if a merchant or a PayPal account are implemented on the platform.

Website conditions in Croatia

According to statistics for Croatia, there are more than 74% of the population is represented by internet users in the country and about 2 million people who enjoy the online shopping. The electronics and media are top categories preferred by shoppers on the internet, and authorities are expecting revenues of $ 225 million by the end of 2021 in Croatia.
With a fast development of the online platforms which offer a wide range of products and services, numerous businessmen decide to set up websites and operate their activities online. Croatia makes no exception, as there are numerous local or foreign entrepreneurs who decide to create websites and generate profits on the internet. When choosing the name of the website, please consider that a minimum of three letters is necessary but not exceeding 63 digits or characters. Another concern to take care of is the protection of your business name on the internet. In Croatia, the trademark and copyrights infringements are treated seriously, therefore it is suggested to verify the future name of your website and register with the authorities in charge.

Why open a website in Croatia?

The competitive market in Croatia made entrepreneurs direct their attention to the possibilities of promoting the business on the internet. One can establish a website in Croatia if he or she wants to present their goods and services or wants to activate in the retail sector for selling purposes. One should know that in particular sectors, special permits and licenses must be issued before operating on the internet. 
Our company incorporation representatives in Croatia are at your disposal with support, guidance, and information in registering your business with a website. Please contact us for further requests in this matter.

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