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Open an Investment Fund in Croatia

Updated on Tuesday 24th September 2019

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Open-an-Investment-Fund-in-Croatia.jpgHaving an appealing business climate and a legislation that sustains the investments in varied forms make Croatia a great destination for business for international and also local entrepreneurs. Opening an investment fund is not a difficult process, but it is advisable to respect the Act on Open-ended Investment Funds with Public Offering and the Alternative Investment Funds Act in Croatia. Our company formation agents in Croatia can assist you in opening an investment fund in Croatia and can take care of the formalities involved in matters of documents, licenses, approvals, etc.

Opening UCITS in Croatia

UCITS or Undertakings Collective Investment in Transferable Shares are open-ended investment funds that can issue shares as long as there are calls on the market in Croatia. This kind of investment fund can be established by one or more investors or entrepreneurs where collective assets are invested and raised through public offering of units. The Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency or Hanfa is the supervisory body in charge of the ways the investment funds are established and developed in the country. Management companies in Croatia or legal persons can deal with the activities of UCITS in Croatia, mentioning that a written business cooperation agreement is needed in this case. The following information about UCITS might be useful for entrepreneurs wanting to establish such an investment fund in Croatia:
  1. The promotion of UCITS can be made with the help of newspaper advertisements, brochures, telemarketing, personal contacts, letters, etc.
  2. The management company is in charge of promoting UCITS in an accurate manner.
  3. UCITS are also regulated by the EU legislation on investment funds which is applicable to all EU countries.
  4. Any modification or even termination of UCITS must be directed to the entitled authorities (Hanfa).
If you need support for opening an investment fund like UCITS in Croatia, feel free to talk to one of our company formation specialists in Croatia.

Can I open Alternative Investment Funds in Croatia?

Yes, AIFs are available in Croatia and can be created by an investment fund manager with the purpose of raising capital through private and public offerings. This capital can be invested in all sorts of assets, with exclusive advantages to unit holders of the AIF. The Alternative Investment Funds can be opened in agreement with the Act on Open-Ended Investment Funds with Public Offering. The legislation of investment funds in Croatia might be complex, but it is good to know that the EU regulations and directives are applicable in this country. It is recommended to have the support of a specialist in company formation in Croatia and ask any question about how you can open an investment fund.

Short facts about the investment supervisory board in Croatia

The Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency or Hanfa as it is known in Croatia has concrete and complex activities concerning the investment funds available in this country. This is the regulatory body that oversees the ways in which the investment funds are registered, the activities on the stock exchange and the operations of management companies, investment advisors and brokers. The same authority that was established in 2005 respects the Act on Open-ended Investment Funds with Public Offering and the Alternative Investment Funds Act in Croatia, two important sets of laws under which the investment funds are established in Croatia. UCITS and AIFs are important investment funds which can be established in Croatia, in respect with the above-mentioned regulations and laws. The support of our company formation agents in Croatia is recommended for opening an investment fund in Croatia. Below you can find information, statistics and facts about investments and business in Croatia:
  • USD 1,159 million is the FDI inward flow for 2018 in Croatia;
  • according to UNCTAD 2019 World Investment Report, the total FDI stock was USD 32.8 million in 2018;
  • according to “2019 Doing Business Report”, Croatia ranks 58th out of 190 worldwide economies;
  • most of the foreign investments in 2018 in Croatia (29.9%) were directed to the financial services sector.
We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Croatia and find out more about how you can open an investment fund, and about how you can start a business in this state. Feel free to ask for complete information, prices and details about the needed company formation services in Croatia.

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