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Register Company in Croatia

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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  • register-company-in-croatia.jpgWhat is the Croatian Trade Register?

The Trade Register in Croatia is known as the Croatian Company Registry and it is actually represented by the Commercial Court in Croatia, which is managed by the Chamber of Commerce in Croatia. All companies must register with the Commercial Court in Croatia before starting their commercial transactions. The Financial Agency of Croatia also deals with registration of companies in Croatia.

  • How can a company register with the Croatian Trade Register?

An application has to be submitted with the Financial Agency of Croatia. This institution will forward the documents to the Croatian Commercial Court. The application must also contain notarized documents, such as the articles or the statement of incorporation with the name of the company, the amount of initial capital, a list with the name of the shareholders and a list with the members of the board. If the Commercial Court considers it necessary, it may request additional information. Otherwise, the registration certificate will be issued as soon as possible. The registration certificate also certifies the membership in the Chamber of Commerce in Croatia. Company registration in Croatia can be carried on by a legal representative if he is appointed through power of attorney.  Anyway, after obtaining the registration certificate from the Commercial Court in Croatia, the company must also register with the Central Bureau of Statistics, Tax Administration, the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.

  • How can I have access to the Croatian Trade Register?

All companies registered in Croatia are kept in an electronic database that is accessible to the public online. The database is called the Croatian Company Directory. Anyone can check information on Croatian private companies, registered traders, institutions and foreign companies or Croatian branch offices. The database is available only in Croatian, but it is rather simple to use.

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