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Set up a Construction Company in Croatia

Updated on Tuesday 27th August 2019

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Set-up-a-Construction-Company-in-Croatia.jpgThe construction sector in Croatia has recorded significant growth in the past few years, considering the fact that the economic crisis affected this field in a worrying percent, also in other European countries. Luckily, construction companies in Croatia continue to arise and develop, creating job opportunities, especially in the labor field. Setting up a construction company in Croatia benefits from the lack of harsh formalities, allowing entrepreneurs to establish a business presence rapidly. This is where the support of our company formation representatives in Croatia can be at your service, considering that our team can handle all the incorporation procedures.

Who can open construction companies in Croatia?

Local and foreign entrepreneurs wanting to thrive or simply establish the business presence in Croatia can set up a construction company, under the regulations of limited liability companies in Croatia. More than that, there is no restriction when it comes to the nationality of the representative of the business, as he or she can be whether Croatian or not. We remind that our representatives are at your services and can act on behalf of your company with a power of attorney.

How do I open a construction company in Croatia?

The limited liability company or the DOO in Croatia might represent the ideal business structure for international investors interested in opening a construction company. Such a business structure has few formalities and it can be established under the following conditions:
  1. HRK 20,000 or EUR 5,000 represents the minimum share capital for opening a limited liability company in Croatia.
  2. At least one shareholder can register a DOO in Croatia, in agreement with the applicable laws.
  3. The president of the company can be of any kind of nationality.
  4. It is important to make a name verification prior the company registration.
  5. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association are the company’s main documents.
The support for opening a limited liability company in order to set up a construction company in Croatia can be provided by our team of company incorporation agents in Croatia and consists of assistance with the entitled registration authorities among many other things. Feel free to get in touch with one of our company incorporation representatives in Croatia or address your inquiries at any time.

Are there any post-registration requirements for LLCs in Croatia?

Yes, once the company is registered and if the certificate of incorporation issued, the next thing to do is to apply for the VAT number, if the company will have goods and services for sale purposes. The provisionary bank account which was used for the minimum share capital can be transformed into a permanent one and connected to the financial operations of the firm. 

Types of activities of a construction company in Croatia

The activities of a construction company in Croatia may vary, depending on the business direction of the owners. For instance, entrepreneurs can open construction companies for signing all sorts of construction projects, subcontracting building projects, architecture activities, selling primary supplies and materials for construction fields. Assistance in opening any kind of construction company in Croatia can be solicited by one of our company formation specialists in Croatia

The construction sector in Croatia

The construction field is quite challenging especially after a few years of struggling with the changes in the country’s economy. There have been a series of encouragements implemented by the Croatian government meant to sustain and grow the construction sector, mostly for developing the infrastructure in the country. Below you can find interesting information about the construction sector in Croatia if you are a foreign investor wanting to set up a company in this field:
  • investments of approximately USD 16.8 billion are guaranteed by the EU for the development of the Croatian infrastructure by the end of 2020;
  • the National Program for the Development of Shared Broadband Infrastructure was adopted this year and investments of around USD 128 million are expected by the end of 2023;
  • in terms of legislation, one must consider the Act on Construction, the Labor Act, the State Inspection Act, the Ordinance on jobs with special working conditions, and the Health and Safety Act;
  • developers or contractors can also invest in the new power plant in Croatia, mentioning that the government already allocated approximately USD 7.1 million.
Assistance and information about how you can open a construction company in Croatia can be provided by our company formation agents in Croatia, so feel free to contact our team.

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