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Shelf Company in Croatia

Updated on Sunday 19th August 2018

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Shelf-Company-in-CroatiaShelf companies are legal entities established by a provider and transferred to any interested businessmen. Acquiring a Croatian shelf company allows you to skip the lengthy registration and incorporation process. Also known as ready-made company, this type of entity offers you an operational bank account and the opportunity to start a business immediately. If you want to buy a shelf company, our experts in company incorporation in Croatia can assist you throughout the entire process.

What is a shelf company?

Shelf companies or ready-made companies are incorporated firms which are kept on a shelf until someone is interested in purchasing one of them for business purposes. This type of company has no operations on the market but has a history behind which sustains the credibility in front of financial institutions.

Who can buy a ready-made company in Croatia?

Any foreign or domestic entrepreneur looking to enter its activities on the Croatian market as fast as possible can decide on purchasing a shelf company. The only time to consider before you commence the activities is the time in which the ownership is transferred and the documents signed. Our company formation representatives in Croatia can provide you with assistance and guidelines if you have decided on a ready-made company.
We remind that buying a shelf company in Croatia means taking advantage of a series of benefits like a fast implementation of the business on the market, an opened bank account for your firm, and the possibility of easily accessing a bank loan if necessary. Talk to our advisors for more details.

Advantages of shelf companies in Croatia

If you want to invest in the Croatian economy and think of buying a shelf company, there are several advantages that this type of business entails:
  • • time efficiency – you save the time which would have been consumed with incorporating a new company;
  • • improving your company's image – a shelf company shows longevity and enhances your image with customers and lenders;
  • • easier access to banking – the company has a non-trading certificate confirming that it is free of debts, judgments or liabilities;
  • • easy transfer of ownership rights – according to the Company Act in Croatia, you choose the directors of the shelf company when the transfer process is done;
  • • faster access to government contract binding – the Croatian laws require that a company should be in business for a specified length of time before signing contracts with the local authorities.
If you want to start business immediately, our Croatian specialists in company registration can provide you with a wide range of shelf companies for you to choose from.

How can I purchase a shelf company in Croatia?

If you decide to buy a shelf company in Croatia, these are the steps to consider:
  • • find a local incorporation company and provide them with detailed information about the type of company you need. You can do this remotely or by an appointment;
  • • send to the company's representatives a copy of your valid documents (passport or a government issued ID). These documents have to be notarized before sending them. Non-EU citizens have to notarize these papers by the local Croatian consulate;
  • • pay in advance the proforma invoice the incorporation company sends you;
  • • sign the corporate documents that the Croatian company formation company sends you.
If you want to buy a shelf company in Croatia, feel free to contact our specialists in company registration for a personalized offer.


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