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Paying Taxes in Croatia

Updated on Wednesday 11th April 2018

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Paying-Taxes-in-Croatia.jpgThe tax structure in Croatia allows foreign investors to benefit from varied incentives in a stable business climate. Taxpayers, whether nationals or foreigners must align with the requirements in this sense and the applicable legislation. The VAT, the capital gains tax, and the income tax must be observed before commencing any activities in Croatia. If you would like to open a company in Croatia, we suggest you ask for support and complete details from our team of company formation in Croatia.

The VAT in Croatia

National and foreign companies are seen as taxpayers in Croatia, therefore, the registration for the value added tax is mandatory, especially if the products and services offered on the market generate incomes of more than HRK 230,000 (approximately EUR 32,000). The standard VAT rate in Croatia is set at 25% but there are also lower rates of 13% and 5% for certain categories of services and goods. For instance, the VAT of 13% rate applies to restaurant services, hotels and accommodations, entertainment services, sugary products and water supply in Croatia. As for the VAT rate of 5%, this is imposed on dairy products, medicines, medical equipment, and newspapers. When setting up a company in Croatia, the VAT registration needs to respect the conditions imposed, but instead of dealing with misunderstandings, you may get in touch with our team of advisors for support and information.

The income tax in Croatia

The incomes of companies in Croatia are levied at certain rates, depending on the registered amount, such as:
•    incomes between 0 and HRK 26,400 are levied with a 12% rate;
•    incomes between HRK 26,400 and 105,600 are levied with a 25% rate;
•    incomes above HRK 105,600 are levied with a 40% rate.
If your company in Croatia generate the above-mentioned revenues, then it is suggested to observe the income tax imposed on such amounts. 

Other taxes in Croatia

Croatia is part of the European Union since 2013 and respects the tax legislation just like any other country member. In this sense, Croatia imposes the following taxes:
•    inheritance and gift tax;
•    the consumption tax;
•    the tax on holiday houses;
•    the tax on vessels;
•    the real estate transfer tax;
•    special taxes on motor vehicles.
Companies with gambling activities in Croatia need to pay the fees for the lottery, casino, and betting games. These also involve the fees for organizing award games in Croatia.
If you want to know more about the taxes which need to be paid in Croatia, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in Croatia.

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