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Debt Collection in Croatia

Updated on Wednesday 22nd August 2018

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Debt-Collection-in-Croatia.jpgA debt collection agency in Croatia can help companies recover important sums of money from the suppliers which failed to make the payments in time, as established by a contract in this sense. A debt collection in Croatia may be subject to the amicable procedure instead of dealing with the courts of law, but it is recommended to talk to a lawyer for legal support in this sense. If you would like to open a company in Croatia or if you need to know how debt collection is made in this country, we invite you to address your inquiries to our team of company formation agents in Croatia.

Debts according to the Croatian law

Debts intervene in the cases in which businesses or companies cannot make specific payments in time as agreed by the contracting parties and the agreement in this sense. If the payment duties are not in the attention of companies, especially during the established time in this sense, debts might arise.

What is the amicable procedure for debts in Croatia?

The amicable procedure for collecting the debts in Croatia is in the first instance the proper solution for companies interested in recovering their money, A debt collection agency in Croatia can handle the procedure in established new terms instead of directing the case in the court of law. The amicable procedure of recovering debts in Croatia normally observes the following matters:
  • a notification is prepared and sent to the company or natural persons that owe money to another entity;
  • the debt collection agency can commence the amicable debt collection procedure between the two parties involved;
  • communication is the key for the future steps in recovering the money or assets;
  • new business terms linked to the existing contract will be established between the parts.
If the amicable procedure of recovering the debts in Croatia comes with no positive results, you should know that the next step is to direct the case in the court of law. We invite you to address to our team of company formation specialists in Croatia and find out information about how to register a company in Croatia.

Types of debts met in Croatia

Bank credits, leasing contracts, utility bills, or unpaid checks are among the debts for which difficulties might intervene in terms of expenditures. A debt collection in Croatia can help you recover the money for your company by providing an amicable procedure instead of dealing with the courts of law in Croatia.
Feel free to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in Croatia for support at the time of company registration and details about how the debt collection is made in this country.

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