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Updated on Sunday 04th March 2018

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FAQ.jpgCroatia offers a wide range of business opportunities for both nationals and foreigners interested in generating money in this country. The prolific business sector in Croatia allows the formation of all types of companies with respect to the Commercial Code and the Companies Act. In order to properly understand the business climate in Croatia, we have prepared a set of frequently asked questions which can be a starting point before the company formation in Croatia is settled. We mention that our specialists in company incorporation in Croatia are at your disposal with complete support, and recommendations if you are a foreigner who wants to do business in this country.

1. Can foreigners set up companies in Croatia?

Yes, foreign investors can open companies in Croatia and can direct the attention to limited liability companies which can suit most their activities and purposes.

2. Does the business have to be established in Croatia?

Yes, foreigners need to register an office in Croatia before placing the activities on the market.

3. What types of companies are available in Croatia?

Foreign investors can set up limited liability companies, joint stock companies, general or limited partnerships, or can act as sole traders in Croatia.

4. What is the minimum share capital for an LLC in Croatia?

Limited liability companies in Croatia can be set up with a minimum share capital of HRK 20,000 or approximately EUR 2,700. As for the joint stock companies in Croatia, these can be established with a minimum share capital of HRK 200,000.

5. What are the main stages in a company incorporation in Croatia?

A company registration in Croatia starts with a name verification and reservation with the trade register. The next step involves drafting the Articles of Association which must contain information about the owners, the activities, the business address, the minimum share capital.

6. Can I open a subsidiary or a branch in Croatia?

Yes, foreign investors can establish subsidiaries or branches in Croatia, in respect to the local legislation.

7.  How much time does it take to register a company in Croatia?

Companies in Croatia can be incorporated fast as soon as all the documents are provided to the authorities in charge. There are fewer formalities and foreigners benefit from the same conditions of incorporation as imposed for nationals.

8. Are there any licenses required in Croatia?

Certain activities in Croatia require obtaining special licenses and permits. Our company formation specialists in Croatia can offer in-depth information in this sense.

9. Can I receive virtual office services in Croatia?

Yes, all foreigners who do not want to open a traditional office in Croatia can ask for virtual office services. Our team can offer details on this matter.

10.  Do I need a bank account in Croatia?

Yes, companies with establishments in Croatia must consider opening a bank account for their future financial operations in this country.
For any other information about how companies can be registered in Croatia, please feel free to contact our Croatian team of consultants in company incorporation.


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